With Revive Social Grow your Social Media Presence

With Revive Social Grow your Social Media Presence

Revive Old Posts with Revive Social!

Keep your content alive and in front the audiences that matter.

Seamlessly share your WordPress website content on a schedule, and drive more traffic from the top social media networks. Let Revive Old Posts breathe new life into your website.

Share to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business

… Tumblr and also bring in your social networks from Buffer. Basically, all the most popular social networks are supported. Revive Old Posts allows you to share your content to multiple accounts on each of the supported social networks. No limitations.

Full Control Over Social Shares

Whether you want to share just the titles of your posts, include hashtags, add additional custom text or shorten your share links. Revive Old Posts allows you to do that, and more.

Hashtags From Tags or Categories

Let Revive Old Posts add optimized hashtags automatically by fetching them from the post’s assigned categories, tags, or even custom fields.
With Revive Social Grow your Social Media Presence

Track Your Clicks

Revive Old Posts works with the most popular URL shortening services and integrates with Google Analytics Campaign Tracking. This allows you to see how popular your posts are and monitor the traffic coming to your site from Social Media.

Share Posts, Pages, Media & Custom Post Types

Whether it’s posts, pages, images from your WordPress Media Library, WooCommerce or Big Commerce Products, Recipes or Projects; Revive Old Posts can share them to your social media accounts.

Share Your Posts More Than Once

Don’t let your posts fade away after just a single social media share. Revive Old Posts allows you to share your website content on rotation.

Share Posts on Publish

Done creating an awesome piece of content on your website? Have it shared with your social media accounts as soon as you click the publish button! This feature also works with WordPress posts scheduled to go live at a later date.

Filter Tags & Categories per account

Set the Tags, Categories and other WordPress taxonomies you want excluded or included for sharing on a per account basis. If a post has an excluded category assigned to it, then it would not share to the accounts where that category has been excluded.

Share Message Variations

Revive Old Posts allows you to add multiple custom messages and hashtag variations to your posts for more variety. Convey your message in different ways and find the best converting captions for your social media shares.

Social Media Management, Simplified.

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